How headless content management systems are challenging WordPress

Table of ContentsWhat is a Headless CMS?Challenges to WordPressFlexibilityScalabilitySeparation of Frontend and BackendCustomizationAdvantages of Headless CMSsConclusionHeadless CMSs are becoming an increasingly popular option for website owners and developers, and they are starting to challenge the dominance of WordPress. While WordPress has been the go-to CMS for many years, headless CMSs offer a high level of […]

5 Best Headless Content Management Systems in 2023

· July 23, 2023

Table of ContentsWhat is a headless CMS?Headless CMS vs Traditional CMSIs Headless CMS good for you?StrapiProsConsDirectusProsConsKeystone JSProsConsSanityProsConsHygraph (formerly GraphCMS)ProsConsHeadless content management systems are a growing trend these days. And the reason for their success is pretty simple, people do not want to build UIs with technologies like PHP and jQuery, as you do in traditional […]