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How Accessibility-Driven Development Creates Superior Code and Cleaner User Interfaces

· August 6, 2023

In the fast-paced world of software development, the pursuit of cutting-edge functionality and striking visual design often takes center stage. However, in this race to deliver innovative and visually appealing applications, developers sometimes overlook a crucial aspect: accessibility. Incorporating accessibility guidelines into the development process not only ensures that digital products are usable by a […]

Why WordPress is an Excellent Platform for Building Internal Tools

· July 29, 2023

Table of ContentsCost-Effective Solution:Transparency and Trust:Extensive Ecosystem:Transparency and Trust:Complete Control and Ownership:Long-Term Savings:In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations across various industries are constantly seeking ways to streamline their internal processes, boost productivity, and enhance overall efficiency. One powerful solution that has emerged as a favorite among businesses of all sizes is WordPress. While primarily […]

How headless content management systems are challenging WordPress

Table of ContentsWhat is a Headless CMS?Challenges to WordPressFlexibilityScalabilitySeparation of Frontend and BackendCustomizationAdvantages of Headless CMSsConclusionHeadless CMSs are becoming an increasingly popular option for website owners and developers, and they are starting to challenge the dominance of WordPress. While WordPress has been the go-to CMS for many years, headless CMSs offer a high level of […]

Understanding the cost of custom WordPress development

· July 23, 2023

Table of ContentsWhat is Custom WordPress Development?Factors that Determine the Cost of Custom WordPress DevelopmentCost Breakdown of Custom WordPress DevelopmentWordPress has become one of the most popular and widely used content management systems (CMS) globally. It powers over 40% of all websites worldwide. It is an open-source platform that has a vast collection of plugins, […]

WordPress and The Power of Open Source Software

· July 23, 2023

Table of ContentsFreedomInnovationCostSecurityReachWordPress has come a long way since its inception in 2003. What started as a simple blogging platform has evolved into a versatile content management system (CMS) that powers over 40% of all websites on the internet. WordPress’s success can be attributed in large part to the power of open-source software. Freedom Open […]

How To Start A WooCommerce Store (Step By Step Guide)

· July 23, 2023

Table of Contents1. How To Register A Domain Name On Cloudflare?Log Into CloudflareFind The Domain2. How To Set up EasyWP Hosting?Log Into EasyWP3. How To Connect Cloudflare Domain Name With EasyWP Hosting?Go Back To Cloudflare4. How To Configure Cloudflare SSL Certificate with EasyWP?5. How to Set up WooCommerce?Install The ThemeWordPress is perhaps the most ubiquitous […]

5 Best Headless Content Management Systems in 2023

· July 23, 2023

Table of ContentsWhat is a headless CMS?Headless CMS vs Traditional CMSIs Headless CMS good for you?StrapiProsConsDirectusProsConsKeystone JSProsConsSanityProsConsHygraph (formerly GraphCMS)ProsConsHeadless content management systems are a growing trend these days. And the reason for their success is pretty simple, people do not want to build UIs with technologies like PHP and jQuery, as you do in traditional […]

13 Best WooCommerce plugins to help you increase sales

· July 23, 2023

Table of ContentsBest search plugins for WooCommerce1. FiboSearch2. Smart WooCommerce SearchBest cart plugins for WooCommerce1. CartBounty2. Side Cart WooCommerceBest wishlist plugins for WooCommerce1. TI WooCommerce Wishlist2. WPC Smart WishlistBest caching plugins for WooCommerce1. WP Fastest Cache2. WP Rocket CacheBest filtering plugins for WooCommerce1. WOOF2. Filter EverythingBest checkout plugins for WooCommerce1. Checkout Field Editor2. Multi-Step Checkout3. Fluid CheckoutWhen it comes to popularity, WooCommerce is an undisputed king among eCommerce […]

4 Best Free hosting solutions in 2022

· July 23, 2023

Table of ContentsNetlifyFree PlanLimitationsFeaturesCloudflare PagesFree PlanLimitationsFeaturesVercelFree PlanLimitationsFeaturesOracle CloudFree PlanLimitationsYou know the frustration when you have a portfolio or a simple hobby project or even a commercial project with very low traffic but you have to pay at least $5 a month to a hosting company to host it. I mean $5 is not much but […]

3 Best Open Source E-Commerce Platforms in 2022

· July 22, 2023

Table of ContentsSaleorProsWooCommerceProsMagento / Adobe CommerceProsE-Commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in 2022. So, it is hardly surprising that there are hundreds of companies trying to capitalize on this very lucrative market. Companies like Shopify have done really well and now have a staggering 180 Billion Dollars market cap. But today we want to […]